Monday, January 9, 2012

I'm really into killing things.

Kinda. Ok not really at all. 

I've been working at the Browning kiosk in the Ogden mall. Annnd I don't really hunt. At all. But I promised my boss (Neil's kind cousin) that I'd dress the part. Ya know. In order to gain customer's trust and make more money.
Hunter orange 100%-animal-killing cotton hoodie.
Paired with a hick vest.

Denim suit. Paired with an I-love-guns style coyote howling shirt.
Hunters always trust people in denim suits.

Oversized Indian/Wolf t-shirt. I was hoping the hot indian
lady would draw in more male cliental. Besides, they don't
care if stuff fits...

I went all out. Glamour deer shirt. Paired with real fur. Hunters don't like
the fake stuff. They can spot a fake hunter from a mile away
(with their Bushnell Excursion 8x42 binoculars).
And I, children, am no fake hunter.

I didn't make Neil's cousins any money.

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