Friday, June 11, 2010

Fantastic Happening: Beginningish Part of June Edition.

1. Road trip with Cindy. Monk monastery, Rainbow Gardens, little shop in Eden, chocolate, ect. Love.
2. Found the real live Mexican Zing that Ashley and I obsess over. Squealed for a solid 7-10 to minutes.

3. Totally found notes leading to an antique box and a necklace under my car. There is a sweetheart lurking around my house. ; )
4. Calling upgrade. You're looking at the new Activities Chairman for the 30-somethin' student ward!
5. Finished Psych!!
6. Took a homeless man to lunch today. Crossed this off my bucket list.

7. Mmm.... Hot Fudge Brownie Sundae binge may have ended? Probably a good thing. 
8. Jack's Wood Fired Oven=Greatest Pizza in Logan+Coolest People Ever
9. My old sign language video was finally posted on facebook. I'm so proud...
10. One word: Facial.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

I'm Just Really Hot.

I have discovered my awkward charisma can be captured with a camera much easier than I had originally realized. But oh how these pictures give me the giggles. Maybe, someday, I will put them in a portfolio for a modeling agency of some sort...

Thrilled to be at the spud museum.

With the worlds largest ball of barb wire.

Waking up in Zions.

Giving birth at Bear Lake.

'Worlds Worst Wedgie' in the Wind Caves.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Some Trashy White Hoes...

I didn't realize how much I miss little Kaylen, Susan, and Kelsey until they came to visit! Oh yay! Who feels special now? (The answer is totally: me.) Nudist camping, tattoo parlor hunting, Persian Peacock, brownie everydaes at the penis table at Caspers, wind tunnel, unicorn temporary tattoos, convertible? Does this sound awkward to the max? Yes? Probably cause it was.  
I need to make some uglier friends.

In other news:
Signs is like the greatest movie ever! I'm alarmed by the fact that no one enjoys it quite like I do. 

I created a significant acid spill at work yesterday. I placed a lawn mower battery on a cart upside down. The acid leaked all over the RETURNS floor, then created a path from the RETURNS desk to the back of the store when it was moved. THEN over night, it leaked so much that it took 4 boxes of baking soda to neutralize the spill. There are now 2 permanent white "puddles" and a very visible path throughout the store connecting the 2 puddles. I felt bad, but I couldn't stop laughing. How retarded am I? When I asked to put my signature on the puddle, all my manager could say was, "It's a good thing we like you Katie."