Sunday, December 12, 2010


Today I realize how grateful I am for promptings. Without promptings, I would be in a very different place right now. Listen to the little spiritual prods, and get awesome life bonus points. Thanks Promptings! Awwww shucks. I'm blessed.

Monday, December 6, 2010

The Christmas Cave Adventure

Last night was: The Christmas Cave Adventure. Yes. I titled my evening. Neil thought it was tacky too. But I felt it was fitting. I discovered my new favorite cave. Canteen Springs Cave. It was deliciously cool. It's spoiled with lots of features and tight little squeezes that remind me to never let my hips get any bigger. And to make the cave even better, a dude got trapped inside under a boulder last week. There were still blood marks on the rocks. I know that shouldn't make it cooler, I know, I know. But... GAH! Bloody cave=5 points more awesome on my Awesome Things Scale (ATS). And the guy lived. So no biggie.
Little Ice Buddies! Formed in Canteen Springs. Credit goes to Neil and his phone.

When we finished with the cave business, Jane, Bryan, Neil, Liz and even Meo (what the heck happened to Layne?!) helped decorated the tree that Neil and I cut down with Neil's family in Morgan. Ok lie. Neil cut it down. I was more like the tree cutting cheerleader. Whatever. Anyway, I think the tree is perfect. Jane and I think we could even leave it up till March.
Suprise suprise. Another bad picture. Ignore my teary eye and 3 front teeth that seem to be levitating to a new area of my face. Instead, focus on those Christmas trees (one for us, one for Cindy)!! 

Bad picture. I know. (Unfortunately, my camera continues to...not work.) BUT here is  our cute little Christmas tree all decked up!