Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Candle Babies

Last night I dreamt that I gave birth to a candle.

Like this (candle holder not included).

Luckily the actual birthing part was not included in my dream. What WAS included was how disappointed my mother was that I had given birth to a candle out of wedlock. 

I felt scared. Alone. Judged. HOW WAS I GOING TO CARE FOR THIS CANDLE?!

Every time I tried to hold my candle it would begin to melt all over me. So, I did what any normal person would do with their candle. I put my candle on a table. 

Most normal people don't consider their candle to be a child. Unfortunately, I was stuck with a mistake I couldn't undo.... a candle, that everyone believed to be a baby. Or, a candle baby. Or a baby with candle-like characteristics? I dunno.

A few hours later my mom came to check on me. She was furious. How dare I leave my candle on the table unattended! I'm too young for the responsibilities of a candle! Do I even remember that I have a candle? Do I remember where it is?

I'm too young to be having candles.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

My mother went through the basement today and came up with a ton of my long lost artwork and letters. Awesome.
I was obviously writing a really great book.

"Dear Katie, I'm 8 too! I love all sports too! I have brown hair too!  I have blue eyes. My favorite color is red.  Do you like flowers? I do. Do you have any pets? I have 2 dogs and 1 cat. Love, Kirsten Robbins 3-16-99"

"Dear Kelsey (Jensen), You're invited to spy on the neighbors next Friday at 3:56. We need time. Be there."
Myka Draney drew up this shnazy wedding announcement. It's announcing mine and Justin Walkers wedding set for June 5, 2011. Awesome. We'll make that happen as soon as we can get rid of his beloved girlfriend Becca Carlisle and steal him from the mission which he is currently serving in California. It's not too late to make this happen!
It's a deer. Waving.
Basically, my mother wouldn't read me a story. "Hou wod you fel"?????

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Bacon and a Cat T-shirt

Today, I just really like this peppered bacon. I like it lots.
Snag your very own pound of bacon at Smiths. It's cheap too!

Jane likes my bacon as well....

I really like my cat shirt too. I'm very very proud of it. 

It's backwards (webcam picture, real cam still MIA).

So you're all thinking "I don't care about your bacon and your lame cat shirt."
...........................................................You're welcome anyway.

Karma Moment:
Last night I watched a movie in which a young women fell down the stairs and was hurt. I laughed. How silly! I mean, she was a young woman! Who falls down the stairs and hurts themselves in their 20's???

I'll now answer that question.

I fell down the stairs this morning.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Haircut Woes?

I really hate posts about "My New Haircut!". Buuuut, I always do things I make fun of people for.

Ex: I really hate when other people hold hands while they drive. "Why are you doing that? Are you going to loose her out the window? I think not." BUT I do it anyway. Guilty. 

I think my hair is fantastic. Only 2 people have noticed I actually got a hair cut. One told me I looked emo-anima. The other asked me what happened to the mangled chunk of hair on my left side (intentional). So, that's awesome I guess. : /

Hip hip hooray for another few months of hair that in it's tiny, squeaky hair-voice, screams "Leave me alone! You just don't understand me! It's my life, I'll do what I want with it." Oh my hair. Such a drama queen.