Saturday, May 19, 2012

Mug Meals are for lonely people.

While Neil was gone, I decided to make mug meals. For all of my meals. They're cool cause they're one serving. It's kinda classy. And kinda white trash. A perfect contradiction. And a perfect meal for a lonely person. Heck mug meals pretty much make being lonely awesome.
Mug French Toast.

Mug French Toast Recipe

1 Egg
Some bread

Stuff some bread down in a mug. Crack an egg over it.
Microwave it. Pour some syrup on that shiz.

Eat it.

Coffee Cake.

Mug Coffee Cake Recipe

Google Mug Coffee Cake Recipe.

Follow recipe.

Eat it.

Tator Tots and Fish Sticks

Mug Tator Tots and Fish Sticks

Some fish sticks
Some tator tots

This one is super easy. Cook the tator tots and fish sticks in an oven.
Pour the tator tots and fish sticks in a mug. 

Apply condiments.

Eat it.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Lonely Inspirationals.

I'm really lonely. My husband left to go on a 3 day river Canoeing trip with his Cousin Garret in Wyoming. I'm jealous much. But more lonely than anything. And bored.

And what do I do when I'm bored? Pintrest. Now I'm not super proud to admit I use pintrest. It's kinda lame. I try to pretend I'm too cool for it. And I don't like people following my pins. And I don't really get how to use it. And I'll forever love facebook more. BUT when you're desperately bored (ex: facebook has nothing good, you have to work an extra hour at work, you're lonely and don't have friends) it's time to pop out the pintrest.

And that I did. With my first search being 'lonely'. (See how lonely I am??)

Lonely quotes and pictures. That people...actually come up with. And pin on pintrest. 
Sooo TRUE!!! Am I right ladies?! You think you've got your
man and then he leaves. For a few days.

GAH! Pintrest just knows what I'm thinking and feeling.
It's like having a best friend that finishes your sentences.

A really great tattoo idea.

It's so crazy that this was on pintrest under the lonely
category. Cause this is the exact same thing I did when
Neil left. Did that for hours.


Personal favorite. Because I've been wondering this all day.
Starting from the moment I pulled out my hidden stash of
cigs as soon as Neil drove away.

But before you think I'm desperately lonely and creepy. Don't get weirded out. It's ok. I'm ok.
I can't hang out with Neil. But I CAN hang out with his shirt.

I'm cuddling while Neil(s shirt) works on his computer.

See? Everything's ok.