Monday, August 15, 2011

...oh just being a minority in my own house.

Meo finally got back from her month long trip across Asia. Which is nice. Because my house smells like Asia again. I'd almost forgotten what that smelled like. Almost.

Anyway, she brought her little 17 year old brother to stay. Not for a night like she had originally told me. But 3 nights. Ok whatever. But I've discovered I like this little brother a lot. He's a pimp.

Totally stole this.

1. He asks how my day was. I realized that all Vietnamese learned to say "How was your day?" Which is what he and Meo always ask every time I walk in the door. It's an automatic response. Like, he was all jet-lagged-out on the sofa when I got home yesterday. But no. That doesn't stop Cu. He popped his head up and asked, "How was your day?"
2. He doesn't own a white button up shirt. He had to wear a women's button up shirt to church. And I thought it was funny. He didn't. His poor little head hung as he walked out the door to go to church.
3. He has a pillow shaped like a dog bone. I'm not sure why I'm amused by that...
4. He helps clean up. Our sink leaked tonight. I'm pretty sure he thought it was his fault. So he cleaned it up. I let him think it was his fault. 
5. He likes Westlife. A 90's boy band that is totally unbeatable. Westlife- Seasons In The Sun. You should probably check them out. 
6. He is better at arguing in person. Many a night have a woken up to Meo verbally abusing someone in Vietnamese. Guess who. Yes, poor little Cu on Skype. But now that they're face to face and he manages to be a head taller than her... I think he's got the upper hand in their loud Vietnamese sibling rivalry. 

I really hope that Meo doesn't notice that I've been blogging about her brother. Also, I hope that Cu doesn't notice either. After all, we ARE officially facebook friends.

Friday, August 5, 2011

New game.

Ever try to take a picture? But there are too many people in the way? And no one will move? And you're frustrated cause you just want YOU in the picture?

Don't worry about it anymore. Because chances are, the people in the background are more interesting than you.
Long legged old man!

A quaker family!

Boy on a rock!