Monday, January 16, 2012

Captain Obvious comments on blogs.

I've had some anonymous posts on my blog lately that haven't been so nice. I delete them... because I don't want it to become a trend. I need self esteem you guys...
Emo hair. Emo face.

But I thought I'd just address this anonymous blogger now. He/she/it/gangster's most recent comment was how I am a racist small town mormon girl that doesn't know anything.

While I'm not racist. I'd say everything else highlighted in his/her/it/gangster's anonymous post is OBVIOUS.

So thanks for pointing that out. Duh. I'm trying to be like Jesus but I hope you feel dumb.

P.S. I'm listening to Lil Mama. Doin' the G-Slide. Not racist. 


  1. KT you tell them! I love you blog it brings a little sunshine to my soul! Keep on bloggin girl and don't let the haters get ya down!!

  2. bahahahaha. What a bratty person! People who feel bad about themselves need to put others down too. I am listening to the best song ever...Selena Gomez. And Katie, YOU'VE GOT EVERY RIGHT TO A BEAUTIFUL LIFE! lol...I love ya girl! the emo pic. It made me giggle.

  3. Well katie, you could always track them down and confront them..Oh wait...

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