Wednesday, December 14, 2011

I'm all getting married and such.

I hate weddings. I LOVE NEIL. But I hate weddings. And I hate weddings a little more extra.

Neil and I had pictures taken for our announcements. And since we looked so hot in so many of them, we couldn't agree on which one to send out to people. So we split it up. One to my side of the family and friends. Another to his side of the family and friends.

Guess which one Neil chose. Guess which one I chose.

Times up.

Turns out, for whatever chest-rash-inducing reason, my picture didn't make it to most of my side of family and friends... (Pray that Neil's family didn't get my chosen picture. I have a feeling they wouldn't enjoy it as much.)
And surprisingly....people are upset about this?? Bah. Chill. I resent my picture to you kiddos. Give it a few days and then your life will be whole again.

Now allow me to refer back to that "chest-rash-inducing" that I highlighted in gold a few lines back. I had an awakening this week. A marriage awakening.

Text Conversation:
Friend Niccole: Hey gurrrl! Wanna go out and grab a snack? We've been studying for so long and we need a break.

Katie Jane: Oh man! I so would but Neil just got here and I've gotta clear up the poor little rash on his chest!

Friend Niccole: Ew

Then it hit me................. I'm totally getting married.

In one of my last classes, right before a final, I had 4 beautiful girls approach me. They handed me a gift with a sweet little card in which they had all written in. It was a wedding gift. They had all discovered I was getting married a few days earlier. They wanted to wish me well and say goodbye as I will be moving at the end of this week. And in their sweet sweet glorious wonderfulness, bought me a very nice mixing bowl with whisks and scrubby sponges.

How nice right? NOOO. NOT. COOL.

I. Don't. Know. Their. Names.

Then to make a bad situation worse, one started crying. *I'll allow you to pause here to feel really awkward with me.*

I'm thinking: "Did I miss something here? It's marriage. Not death. Wait. Is someone not telling me something about marriage??"

I didn't know what to do. So I just walked off. Awkwardly of course.

Now I really should write them a thank you note, and check to make sure the one isn't still crying.

And I will.

As soon as a track down those names......

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  1. Oh my goodness gracious awkwardness. Yes hilariousness. Loved this! Haha.

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