Friday, December 2, 2011

Tony Little came to say hi on my last day of work.

Today was my last day of working at Al's Sporting Goods (We don't want everybody's business, just yours). Sad? Pretty much not. Ok ok. I'm gonna miss my Als Pals.  Most of them. Cause I love them so dearly and they've been so good to me. But other than that.... I'm happy to get away from the evil.
Let me repeat: We don't want everybody's business
(So don't bring your friends because
we're pretty sure they're gonna steal something.)

But guess who came to wish me well on my last day of work??
This guy!! Do you recognize him??


How about if I add his Gazelle machine?


Ok ok. It's Tony Little! Come on guys! He does infomercials for exercise equipment! He's pretty much a workout equipment superstar!

This was pretty much our interaction today.          


Ok I lied. We pretty much just looked at each other lots.

He walked into my shoe department and started touching every shoe that was within reach. He's short. First I couldn't stop staring cause I knew that I knew him from somewhere. Then I couldn't stop staring because his hair flowed gorgeously from his workout hat.  My hair will never be that amazing, I thought to myself. Then when I walked up to him and asked if he needed help, I noticed he had a heavy amount of MAKEUP on.

Let the stare off begin.

I starred thinking "Who IS this guy??"

He starred back thinking "I wish I wasn't so famous and ripped!! There's no one that can take their eyes off me!"

After our stare off we became best friends forever.


They say he headlocks people he really likes.

*Sigh* The friendship and headlock is also a lie. But a really nice thought...


  1. It's always the short ones that have to make up for it in bulk. ;) P.s. You aren't the first to speak about Al's that way. Hmmm ... it makes ya wonder. ;)

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