Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Hierarchy of People I Hate On Campus.

Sometimes, people bug me. Sometimes, people on campus bug me. Sometimes (today) I am inspired to drop out so I can follow a dropouts dreams and NOT have to deal with these people.

Hierarchy of Campus Travelers:
1. People of Walking Descent
Aw. Look how hot she is! The hottest
people walk (like me, right? maybe?).

2. Those That Bike
Ignore the fact that this is clearly Miley
Cyrus. Ok. Now. Bikers are cool.

3. Skateboarders
They're hot (no, not as hot as Neil), and they usually
know what they're doing.

4. Longboarders
Longboarders are at a 50/50 point right now.
Half of the USU campus knows how to longboard.
And the other half is just painful to watch.
Cause they don't know what they're doing.
Or how to stop.
Also, -10 points if you use a stick.
You're lazy.

5. Those That Are Talented At Scootering
Do you remember that time you got a scooter when you were
5? Do you remember that time that you realized you're now
20-something? Yea, most people on campus haven't
 realized that either. 

6. He/She Who Must Unicycle
Blah. I swear no one cares that you only
have one wheel. Also, no one is impressed
when you fall on other humans.

7. Those That Ripstick
"Oh hey there! I'm just walking on
the sidewalk. In a straight line.
I hope I'm not in the way of your
wobbling... Sorry about that."

8. The Stand Up Tricycle Guy
There's really no picture to describe this guy.
But I will say this: Huge Tricycle. Takes up
the entire sidewalk. Forces everyone else to 
walk on grass. Thanks, Tricycle man. Really.

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