Thursday, July 14, 2011

Flower Power.

I've been getting lots of flowers lately. Which is so so sweet. 

But even sweeter when they come from Neil. Annnnd now we go on a flower tour...

This flower bouquet started out as an illegally picked Sego Lily.
Illegal, because it's the state flower.
State flower, because the pioneers used to eat it.
(Neil informed me)
So I'll go ahead and call this the "Educational Bouquet". 
This next bouquet was a delight.
It came as a surprise when I found out that they had actually been picked from my own yard.
I would have never known.
Even though I DID plant those flowers...
I'll call this bouquet "Need To Do More Yard Work".
This is my newest edition.
From the neighbors yard. And the church across the street.
Neil got caught by a couple walking down the sidewalk.
He told them he was just "borrowing" the flowers for a bit.
So I'll call this the "Borrowed Bouquet". 

These flowers have given me some serious giggles. : ) They are the very best. Thanks, Neil! 

I ate. SPINACH. Out of my. GARDEN.

Yes! My very own garden! All mine!

This is me planting my garden. I'm thrilled.

And I know you're wondering "How did Katie do it?"
Well the obvious answer is... I didn't.
Nate here, did. My bosom buddy has a gardening program.
Which is cool. Because basically, I watched a garden grow.
Tough work.

Thank you Nate! Expect to see peppers, tomatoes, zucchini, MORE spinach and corn.

P.S. My gardens name is CatStache.

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