Friday, July 29, 2011

Edward Sharpe. And all of his Magnetic Zeros.

Just a normal conversation at the Twilight Series Concert in Salt Lake City:
"Oh hello!

Do you like weed?

Do you like to smoke weed while standing right next to me?

Do you like getting thrown up on?
Obviously. Because that's what will happen if you try to smoke next to me."

Yes yes. It's true. I was at the Twilight Concert Series to watch Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros. And while there is the periodic challenge with 14-year-olds lighting the pipe, it can't dampen my spirits. Especially when I'm watching one of the best bands ever.
All rights and stuff go to Cait Christensen. (I stole it.)

Yes, the band is weird. And extremely hippie. And there's like 13 people in the band (I'm sure at least one of them is paid to stomp his foot, because there is no other job left for him to do.) But I love them.

Especially Jade. Now, she IS crazy. "We're on a saucer in space looking at the stars!" Really crazy. "Let's have a round of applause for being alive!" But she's so dang cute!

So are these people.

Last thing:
This is my dad. He's not that fat.
Really. I just like the picture.

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  1. Your dad was thrilled that you remembered his birthday in such a loving way! LOL