Thursday, July 21, 2011

Discouraging Relief Society Lessons.

Today, I found a piece of paper on the floor of my car.

It looked like this:

It had fallen out of my scriptures after I had put it there a very long time ago. It was from one of the standard Singles Ward Relief Society lessons. Ya know? Those ones where you list every very important detail of what you MUST HAVE in a husband? Yes. It was one of THOSE lists from THOSE lessons.

I had carefully written out every detail: physical appearance, education, career, talents, spirituality, interests, ect. I didn't forget a single thing.

(But then our standard Relief Society teacher threw us a twist.)

The teacher asked us to change our list title from: "FUTURE HUSBAND" to "ME". The point of this was to show us that we need to have everything we expect of our future spouses. We can't expect someone to have all of these attributes if we are not willing or able to gain them ourselves. Which is great! Honestly.

But as I looked through my list today, I was shocked. Horrified. Sick. It hit me. I will never be married. I will never have a husband. How could I expect so much from my spouse?!

I can't grow a mustache.


  1. Please correct the flaw in this blog post. This was a Sunday School lesson - NOT Relief Society!! I strongly disliked the entire thing and will not have my cute teachers blamed for such crasiness!

  2. What a horrifying truth to come upon..My list would have definitely included a beard, and I too shall never grow one.This made me laugh out loud... a lot.

  3. hahahahahahaha. I love this Katie. So much.

  4. sad sad day. if only if only we could grow a mustache for the sake of getting married. baha oh this post is a dear one