Wednesday, February 2, 2011

I had a dream...

I dreamt that I went on an adventure with Cait Christensen and Aubree Johnson. 
This is Cait. We are pals.
This is Aubree. We are not so pal like.
So it's kinda random that she was in this dream.

We ventured through water lines, old abandoned water plants, flooded dams and man made waterfalls. On one particular leg of the adventure, we came to a shallow pool of water that spilled over a small man-made waterfall into a HUGE, DEEP, SCARY pool of water that was flooding and violently swirling. The catch? We couldn't TOUCH the man-made waterfall. We had to swing over it. And there to make sure the rules were abided? Patrick Star. With an authoritative mustache.
This is Patrick Star. He was my childhood obsession.

Cait went first. She swung over the waterfall into the thrashing water. Thunk! We all thought she had sunk but it turns out the flooded pool was only 3 inches deep. Cait immediately turned into a tall man. With a three piece suit. And a top hat. Aubree and I were extremely weirded out at this point and refused to jump into the pool for fear of turning into a well dressed man.

The End.

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