Tuesday, January 25, 2011

I'm growing my hair out. Immediately.

I woke up to this message in my inbox this morning:

You are..Really damn cute. Idk how I didn't notice you in h.s. Hmm, I should've paid attention more ahha.

Flattering, right? Wrong.

It came from a she. Like a girl. I hope you're thinking... "Ooooohhh...." Not so flattering anymore. : / I mean, that is REALLY kind to let someone know you think they're cute. Really. It is. And I like this girl. She's a sweetheart. But when they're lesbian, and you're not. (Like, I'm really not lesbian. Not even close to being one.) It makes things really awkward.
I tried to be nice. I really did! I wrote back:

Ha! Thanks! We used to be PE buddies. Remember?

She responds:

Honestly, I really don't remember. Ha. I was normally on something every single day. Buuut, I'm surprised I don't remember /: feckin' A. You'd think I'd remember someone as cute as you haha

Tell me, HOW DO I RESPOND TO THAT?? *Sigh* I can't do this anymore. I'm growing my hair out. Long, luscious, drug-free, lesbian-free hair. 

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