Sunday, November 6, 2011

One of those "best day ever" type of things.

1. I got released from my Linger Longer calling. In a nut shell, I feed lots of people twice a month in hopes of the end result being: People Fall In Love And Start Baby Making. And while this calling really is fine. With the exception of people complaining: "I hate potatoes." "You got me excited for this?" "Can we have something that is an actual meal? Cookies are too sugary." It was getting old.

Best. Day. Ever.

2. A commercial blew my mind. I'm watching TV. This commercial comes on:

A. I love everything about Victoria's Secret. Looove it.
B. I love everything about M83 - Midnight City. Which is the song they used.
With their powers combine...they make my jaw literally drop. Literally. There's something about good underwear and good music that just make me giddy.

Best. Day. Ever.

3. I made a cake. Like a legit cake. One that actually looks just like the recipe picture.  It tastes good. AND looks good. It's in an effort to become more domesticated so that my fiance oh my gosh I said the F-word doesn't...starve. So now... I can cook cake. That's good. Cake for dinner! ...and lunch and breakfast. Snack too.

Best. Day. Ever.

1 comment:

  1. Eating that cake WOULD be the best day ever. P.s. I dread your calling more than almost any other calling in the world. REALLY. Mine is cake compared to yours. But look at me get back to that cake of yours ... :)