Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Creeper Defense.

Oh hey creeper/s.

Whoever the has been INSIDE my house peeking through my window...

Whoever the has been standing in my driveway after I park and get out of my car...

Whoever is undoubtedly unstable and has been showing up at my house asking for me...

You should know that I have mace...

...and a rape key chain with an added skull keychain bonus...
...and I sleep with a baseball bat next to my bed.

Also I have a knife somewhere which I can't seem to currently find.


Try and touch me. I dare you. See what happens.

But really, I'm too busy right now. I've got too much to do. And while smashing a creepers knee caps would only take me seconds... I'd prefer to do it after this semester is over. So just hold off for a bit. Thanks.


  1. Text me. Have you seriously been seeing someone? Someone else in the ward has too. I think we need to start filing some complaints.

  2. Um that house sucks. Pretty sure I have a similar post that's a letter to the creeper lurking around that house and sneaking in when I lived there. Not cool