Friday, January 21, 2011

A Guy In His Underwear.

Today, I discovered one of my Creative Arts buddies from last semester is in my Sociology class. I was overjoyed! He's a cool cat. We sat together in class and he walked me to my next class even though his leg hurt from "A tree attack..." while snowboarding. How sweet right? Wrong. 

I have a wonderful boyfriend. He'd walk me to class even if a bear had just ripped his leg off and thrown it across The Quad. So, walking me to class with a limp? Not impressed. 

Anyway, I'm putting out those strong "Let's Just Be Friend" vibes, just in case, (I'm assuming he and his old girlfriend are "no longer") when he stops me in front of my next class and asks if I'm busy on Saturday. In the process of answering that I definitely would be, a man a few yards away begins screaming. Perfect.

He pulled his shirt off. Threw his backpack down. Waved his arms. And then it came. Yep. The pants went down. Yes. 

So I'm SUPER distracted at this point. And Creative-Art's-Buddy is giving up hope of having a date? Hanging out? I'm not sure what he was asking for. (Girls never know what guys want these days.) Either way, Creative Arts buddy had an epic fail today. He may be cute. But you'll never get a date with a girl that has the CUTEST boyfriend and is standing a few yards away from a screaming man in his underwear. 

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