Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Things that make me cry.

Here is a list of things that have made/make me cry.
1) Finding out that my beloved Barneymobile was going to be sent to the recyclers.

I'd take you back in a heartbeat.
Cried for days.
2) The olympics. 
Olympics have a very soft and tender spot in my heart. Very soft. Very tender.

And no one knew this fact until Neil and I went out to dinner. At Applebees. Fun fact: Applebees has lots of TVs in which you can watch sports. Olympic sports in particular. And this particular night at Applebees some random little man... won a big olympic bike race. And then I cried. And Neil laughed at me. Everyone in Applebees laughed at me. And then Neil told our friends. And they laughed at me. My secret was found out. 

And now basically everyone knows. And now basically everyone is laughing at me.
You're so sexy.

I cry. Over olympics. 

Most recent Olympic cry spree?
Learn about the Sculling Sloth Here.

3) Olympic commercials. 
Am I weirdy? Cause 2 out of the 3 things that make me cry are olympic related...

On to more crying.

Now if you've sat next to me and a computer for around 32 seconds, chances are you've already seen these. Cause I show them to anybody and errybody. All day, erryday. And yay. You get to see them again.

Another favorite.

Now. If you're not crying yet. Then....it's probably safe to say that you have no heart.

And also. I don't like you.

Just kidding. But seriously. Go ahead and squeeze out a little tear. Then cheer for America! Go World! Go Visa! Go olympians! And now, let us get back to crying some more.

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  1. I do not have that much of a Heart...( Mine is turning into a hardening black lump... due to my illness.... an only have most of one lung the other is Dead-Tissue) But I would not have laughed at you...