Monday, July 2, 2012


Neil and I got conned into a newlywed parenting class.

We're the only couple in the class missing a baby. We misplaced it. Just kidding, we actually don't have one of those.

We currently parent a dog. Which apparently doesn't mean anything.

Today, we got to take a parenting style quiz in order to compare our parenting styles with one another.

Our results:

Allow me to highlight my favorites.

Scenario: If your teenage boy wants to rent an R rated movie that his friends have all watched, you...
Katie Answered: Explain to him why we don't watch rated R movies.
Neil Answered: Take them out to a different movie that isn't rated R. I'm going to be the cooler parent.

Scenario: Your 14-year-old doesn't want to go to church meetings. "No friends," he says. You say...
Katie Answered: Explain that the risks of not going to church are far worse than having "no friends".
Neil Answered: I would have him come to priesthood with me until he got bored enough to go back to his own church meetings.

Scenario: Your 5-year-old daughter says, "Grandpa is a bad person because he smokes." You say...
Katie Answered: Grandpa isn't a bad person, he just isn't making a very good decision but we still love him.
Neil Answered: When did Grandpa start smoking?

Scenario: Your 8-year-old looks you in the eye and asks you, "Is Santa Claus real?" You answer...
Katie Answered: No.
Neil Answered: Absolutely.

Probably going to stick with that dog for a while.


  1. Hi Katie please help I wrote about 6 months ago asking for help in getting these sacred holy garments off every time I try I get an electric shock! A proper RC priest told me the only way was to join your cult and satan would remove them. Is this the only way?

  2. Hey Moroni- get a life.

  3. Rent that movie with your kids and watch it. Since when do we hide the truth of human relationships? If you teach your children about sexuality before they need the information, it will have less intrigue when peers are tempted to entice them.

    Children who sit in church with their parents from birth will either be interested or have already figured out how to manage their attention. Friends? This isn't a social club, or is it?

    Grandpa is grown. He can do what he likes. When you grow up and get your own house, pay your bills, with the money you earn, you get to make the decisions too.

    Yes, Virginia, There is a Santa Claus.

    I applaud your consideration of parenting styles before you get there. Babies are naked little aliens with no money, dropped in your lap - screaming, and demanding. Think long. Think well.

    People with kids love to entice others into the trap. You'll know you're ready when you are willing to sacrifice EVERYTHING you have to the life of another - life, health, strength, free time, money, attention, and anything you have tucked away for a rainy day. It is going to storm.

    Good luck with that.