Thursday, May 17, 2012

Lonely Inspirationals.

I'm really lonely. My husband left to go on a 3 day river Canoeing trip with his Cousin Garret in Wyoming. I'm jealous much. But more lonely than anything. And bored.

And what do I do when I'm bored? Pintrest. Now I'm not super proud to admit I use pintrest. It's kinda lame. I try to pretend I'm too cool for it. And I don't like people following my pins. And I don't really get how to use it. And I'll forever love facebook more. BUT when you're desperately bored (ex: facebook has nothing good, you have to work an extra hour at work, you're lonely and don't have friends) it's time to pop out the pintrest.

And that I did. With my first search being 'lonely'. (See how lonely I am??)

Lonely quotes and pictures. That people...actually come up with. And pin on pintrest. 
Sooo TRUE!!! Am I right ladies?! You think you've got your
man and then he leaves. For a few days.

GAH! Pintrest just knows what I'm thinking and feeling.
It's like having a best friend that finishes your sentences.

A really great tattoo idea.

It's so crazy that this was on pintrest under the lonely
category. Cause this is the exact same thing I did when
Neil left. Did that for hours.


Personal favorite. Because I've been wondering this all day.
Starting from the moment I pulled out my hidden stash of
cigs as soon as Neil drove away.

But before you think I'm desperately lonely and creepy. Don't get weirded out. It's ok. I'm ok.
I can't hang out with Neil. But I CAN hang out with his shirt.

I'm cuddling while Neil(s shirt) works on his computer.

See? Everything's ok.


  1. Goo. If I wasn't feeling lonely, Pinterest would certainly help me do so! P.s. Do you want to know what is fantastic? Google Chrome does not underline the word ain't {indicating that what we have been taught our entire lives is a lie}, but it does underline Pinterest. I think I will get a Pinterest account when Chrome recognizes it as a real-life thing. :)

  2. My dear Lady ...I am Never really "alone" ... But that is because of my "personality fragmentation disorder" A fancy way of saying the "the voices" are usually there... So things could be worse... That is where Dr. Theda is and I am "Stacey"...I did enjoy my Sims2 game... I seldom see anyone or have visitors anymore due to our Socialphobia ( Which contributes to my "nervous anxiety disorder"... Bad Nerves... So I just cannot ever win ...but at least my condition (health) is Terminal.... So I try to make the best of each day that my health allows...