Monday, February 27, 2012

Steve turbo crawls.

Went to Moab this weekend to do Granary Canyon.

We brought Kyle and Steve. Steve was super excited to be canyoneering for his first time. He bought all new gear.


So basically he was set to canyoneer. Am I right? Yes. Yes I'm right.

So we all put our adventure clothes on and climbed down into Granary Canyon.

And then we repelled down our first repel of the canyon.

And then Kyle jumped down from a 6 foot ledge.

And then Steve jumped down a 6 foot ledge.

And then Steve couldn't stand up.

Sooo.... we went back up the canyon. Which is really hard to do considering you're supposed to go down a canyon.

So Neil had to climb this lil spot which we had just repelled. And climb he did. Sexily too.

And then ascend we did. Sexily. To follow Neils example.

And then we strapped knee pads to Steve so he could turbo crawl. Notice how bummed Steve looks. And his sad little adventure pants. Also notice how pretty Neil's hair is.

And then Steve crawled like he'd never crawled before. But seriously. He's speedy.

Here we'll pause so you can notice what a cutcouple Neil and I are. Steve crawling away in the background.

And now we'll get back to the crawling. And Neil tugging on Steve with a leash.

And Kyle butt pushing.

And all 3 of the boys doing a bit of this.

So 4 hours of crawling, a really good piggy back ride from Kyle, and an offer of ice cream on the ride home later... Steve got checked into the hospital.

And then 3 hours later, we learned he'd broken one ankle in 2 spots and sprained the other one. We couldn't fit the wheelchair in car unfortunately. But we COULD fit Lortab in the car. Which is what Steve enjoyed the whole way home.

The pills made him feel happy. And the ice cream he asked for made him feel happy. On the inside.

And seeing Steve happy made us happy. Trip success.

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  1. hahahahahahahahaha I LOVE how you tell this story! Too bad for Steve (whoever he is) but you did a great commentary job.