Wednesday, February 22, 2012

All about my moms neck.

My mother informed me today that she his taking a strong dose of medication in hopes of healing scar tissue in her throat. Ok.

I'm not really sure how she got scar tissue in her throat. But this is what she described is going on:

If this medication doesn't work, doctors will have to perform a tricky surgery to remove the scar tissue so she can do vital things. Like breath and stuff.

So basically, if this medicine doesn't work, my mom could have the following side effects:
A hole in her neck.

Darth Vadar throat noises.

Or complete removal of neck.

While all of these symptoms may seem scary or really cool (depending on who you are) my mom is getting really excited about the potential symptoms.

"NECK HOLE?! Sign me up!"

She informed me that she is going to take up smoking. Just so she can fit that cigarette in her little neck hole. Like all the other people do that have a neck hole.

We may or may not have made up or own side effects... And we may or may not specialize in morbidity... And my mother may or may not be a "badass".

Actually, yea. She's a badass.


  1. What am most concerned about is the scar tissue on her head too ... Because the scar tissue looks like it has taken over her hair. I hope she doesn't have to get a hole in her head either!!! ;) Hope all goes well!!!

  2. This is not funny. But you are sooo hilarious! I am just finding this blog of yours and I couldnt be happier about it.