Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Just Friends

I've always REALLY enjoyed "friend zone". Do I want to be your girlfriend? Never. But I WILL be your friend! Maybe.

Story time:

Once upon a time, I noticed that a boy at school was watching me. Not like "Girl, I'm checkin' you out!" watching. But the "I'm standing behind a pole and hoping you don't notice that I'm totally lurking 10 feet away from you" watching. This continued for about a week with variations in structures to lurk behind (Ex: "I'm sitting behind a bench and hoping you don't notice that I'm totally lurking 10 feet away from you." OR "I'm sitting in your music practice room with your violin. You left to get a drink. I just turned the lights out and sat in the corner. I'm waiting for you to come back. Oh, and I'm hoping you don't notice I'm here."). Now my little (NOT actually little at all) lurky friend had some...different things going on. He punched windows out at school... sometimes. And he heard satan in his head telling him to do stuff... lots of times.  So when he finally got up the courage to come out from behind his lurking spot and ask me to the Homecoming dance... I....wasn't sure... if that was his idea...or satans. Either way, God was on top of that already and had found me a date 2 weeks previously.

Now I'd LOVE to share more stories. Because believe me. I have them. My current issue, however, is I'm afraid my other "stories" happen to be followers of this blog. So if you're reading this and you're thinking:

"Ha Ha Ha! Katie and I had some lurky times!" OR "Me and Katie are 'Just Friends'"

Then chances are: I have a lurky story about you. Sorry.

Now. Neil? In his little boy shorts? His long pointy nose hair? His Indian Jones hat? Muscle tight shirt?  Super "Friend Zone" potential? That's what I was going for. Sure didn't happen that way now did it? Cause he's so gosh darn cute I can hardly stand it. I love this boy.

Friend Zone? Neil? Never. This boy don't DO friend zone.

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  1. All I got from this post is essentially an engagement announcement. Would I be correct in assessing as such?