Friday, April 1, 2011

First Date

I haven't been on a "first date" for a long time. Jane and I decided to go on a much needed date.

We chatted about life on the drive over to Logan river to
longboard. We giggled and had so much in common!
Hehehe!!!!!!! Just having fun longboarding && scootering!
Joke. It was dark, weird, and something smelled like cologne.
Jane kept commenting on how badly she hates first dates.
 And thats just a date killer right there...

We got ice cream. 
We had SOOO much fun!! Giggle giggle!!

Thanks Jane for the 100% perfect/non-complainy/non-typical/perfect match date.


  1. I love roommate dates they are the best. Amy and I go almost every friday and at first when I would call them dates she would just roll her eyes at me. But now she accepts them and she calls them dates now too.

  2. oh ps Amy thinks that we should double with you guys. deal. I sure hope so

  3. ummmm katie?!! love your bloggg!!! miss you!! hope you are doing fabulous!! xoxo
    following now!!
    here is my blog!