Friday, November 12, 2010


I'm really hoping that you're looking at the title of this blog and thinking..."Oh. Hm. Katie is getting into the plural marriage thing." Well, not exactly. This title refers more to the cave names: Polygamy Cave and Polygamy's End. This weekend I had the opportunity to explore these caves and go spelunking with Lance and some of his fellow friends. And when I say spelunking I mean, SPELUNKING. The hardcore kind were you feel super cool cause you are wearing a grungy suit and you have this equipment attached all over you to keep you from plummeting to your death and stuff. This was my first caving experience and I absolutely LOVED every little bit. Loved it. Passionately. I don't want to get all braggy or anything, but I think I could be pretty good at it. Professional even. Ok joke, I'm getting a big head. But, I'm awkwardly flexible which comes in handy when trying to squeeze ones body through a narrow little crack. And trying to squeeze through stuff just so happens to be more thrilling than I had imagined. So, I hope I can lurkily invite myself on more trips. Cause, that'd be pretty fantastic. For me anyway... *basks in the selfishly, lurky, and thoughtless moment she's having*

Of course my camera is submerged underwater and Neil is to cool to model all his excellent gear anyway. So I found this really lame picture on google images. Just so you children can get a better mental picture of how cool I am. You're welcome. 

I know. I'm doing it. I hate to be a Debbie Downer but I must tell a sad story on my lets-stay-positive-and-upbeat-blog. This sad story is actually my happy story (above) from someone else's eyes ...Neil's eyes to be exact. While I was having a magical time in caves, Neil, who was supposed to be with us on this adventure, had to work. Can I get a "BOOO...." from my blog followers? Yea. Major boo moment. And not only did Neil not get to go, he had to give ME all of his caving equipment to use. Big deal. Because this equipment cost him 100's of dollars, took time to get, and was all BRAND SPANKIN' NEW. On top of that Neil's one true love is now caving. Yes. He's literally attracted to them. He obsesses over caves, reads about caves, spends countless hours studying them on the internet, he talks about caves, I bet he dreams about caves, and I'm secretly willing to bet he's aspiring to live in one someday (cave sweet cave). So for me to be going with all of his stuff and him having to stay home, I could here his heart crack a little. Neil is an absolute sweetheart. That boy is golden. I greatly under appreciate him and all he does for me. Lance made the comment "I can't believe you took his stuff and just went caving without him! I'll be surprised if he's still around for you when you get home." Dang. Lance is right. If I would have been Neil, I would have thrown my ascender at my own face, rolled a rock over me, and ran away. Woah woah woah. I just read over that. I swear I'm not condoning physical abuse. The point I'm trying to make is: I feel bad that I had such a marvelous day and Neil sacrificed to make mine that good while his was kinda lame-ish. I hope some parts where good. Either way, thanks Neil.

In other news:

I was Juuudy The Lawrence Welk singer with little hands for Halloween. Bomin'.
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  1. katie you are super bomb I died laughing when I saw the above picture!