Wednesday, November 17, 2010

2 Words: New. Closet.

I know. It may seem like I've run out of things to blog about, BUT this is extremely exciting for me.

Fun/interesting facts about my new closet:
It's really cool.
Neil built it all by himself and he didn't even feel good.
Neil built it in a single day.
There are 16 slots for hanging pants.
It's custom fit to my awkward room.
It says "Made with love, Dr. Neil Donald Johnson".
It put's Jane's closet to shame. Sorry Jane.

No this isn't my new closet. This is the pre-new-closet picture...  While rolling the stupid thing around it snapped, I tried to hold my closet up and save it for at least 10 minutes, I finally failed and watching my closet break and crumble to the ground. My heart crumbled a bit too.

This is Jane's closet.

This is me. Dying of happiness because I have my very own custom fit closet. Yes, happiness is killing me.

Thanks Neil! You're so talented.

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  1. and i yours!!!!! i thought you knew i had a blog? and i found yours through cait... bless her soul. I MISS YOU!