Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Gah! Boo! *fizzle*

Title's kinda weird, right? It's just my sound effects when I realized how badly I needed to update my blog. Unfortunately, I'm gonna have to do the bulleted quick update with absolutely no detail. Well, that's probably ok with anyone that is reading. Yes. All 2 of my followers that I'm SURE read every post. : )

1. My mother and I took Neil, Garett, and Becca (in glitter form) up to Table Rock a few weeks ago to celebrate Neil and Garett's birthday. We brought birthday cake to eat on top and everything. So... I thought that was pretty awesome-ish. Happy Birthday Neil and Garett! Hope it was a good day!

2. I've officially moved into the upstairs of my house. Holy heck. I'm so pleased!

3. Started school this week! My schedule and tuition is all messed up, but hey, gives me something to do right?

4. Embarrassing story moment that to this moment, still cracks me up: So, I went to my first day of school. I got up and got all dressed for the day. I was rockin' my oversized sweatshirt and leggings. I went to class, bought a book for school, got some other stuff taken care of, and then I came home. When I got home, I kneeled on the ground and I felt my cold heel press against my butt. I thought "Hm. That's not right. I should not be able to feel that." So I stood up and looked in the mirror. Holy crap. My leggings had split clear down the butt exposing my crack for the world to see. Awesome. Good first day of school. Ha!

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