Monday, August 16, 2010

Stars and Just Some Awkward "Life" Crap That Happens, Yet I Freakishly Enjoy...

So meteor shower last weekend! Mmm... (First Night): Thank you Lady Jane for inviting Neil and I to tag along up to Tony's Grove to watch. It was just perfect! (Second Night): Neil and I attempted to star gaze again at the North Logan cemetery. It was pretty ok until the sprinklers popped up on us. We got a little drenched. Woot! I love it.

Neil has been living on my couch  for the past week due to some unfortunate family events. I won't say anything else except: I'm sure glad SOMEONE is out of SOME house so SOMEONE ELSE can move back in. There. No names mentioned. This chain of events has been so interesting to me! It's just been a mind bending week, filled with intense-ness. I like that! While I feel bad for the people involved, I just can't get enough. Due to this event and other past events, I'm kinda thinking I'd like to go into a career field such as Social Work. Everyone I've talked to likes the idea. Except my parents. Gah! We'll see what happens.

Here is a picture Neil and I took and gave to my roommate Jane for her birthday. It was meant to be an impersonation of the famous Marilyn and James picture she owns, but when we posted it on facebook everyone just thought we were tacky and weird. THIS ISN'T A NATURAL POSE PEOPLE!! Geez...


  1. I dont know how.. but i always think to look at your blog on the VERY DAY you post one..
    Brainwaves man!!
    i really like this one by the way.. its very nice :D

  2. I think you guys look bomb kt! I knew exactly what you were posing for! But maybe because I have the same poster?