Friday, June 11, 2010

Fantastic Happening: Beginningish Part of June Edition.

1. Road trip with Cindy. Monk monastery, Rainbow Gardens, little shop in Eden, chocolate, ect. Love.
2. Found the real live Mexican Zing that Ashley and I obsess over. Squealed for a solid 7-10 to minutes.

3. Totally found notes leading to an antique box and a necklace under my car. There is a sweetheart lurking around my house. ; )
4. Calling upgrade. You're looking at the new Activities Chairman for the 30-somethin' student ward!
5. Finished Psych!!
6. Took a homeless man to lunch today. Crossed this off my bucket list.

7. Mmm.... Hot Fudge Brownie Sundae binge may have ended? Probably a good thing. 
8. Jack's Wood Fired Oven=Greatest Pizza in Logan+Coolest People Ever
9. My old sign language video was finally posted on facebook. I'm so proud...
10. One word: Facial.

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