Sunday, June 19, 2011


I went to Alaska with the wonderful Johnson family. That's right. Just my usual family vacation crashing.

We saw the Tracy Arm Fjord (and the much-smaller-than-our-boat Disney boat)

while hot tubbing (notice how I snuck into the family picture).
We took a train ride (I'm on a train). 

And we met some locals.

We took a floatplane. I even got to be copilot. I helped the pilot fly so much.

The floatplane landed us near a glacier, a cabin and a bear.

We had brunch in the cabin and drank drinks chilled with real live glacier ice. Authentic.
I forced Sarah to give me a bear hug in front of a bear....something I've always wanted.

We did some sight seeing.

It's ok to touch things in Alaska. So I touched ever totem pole I could find.
With (not my) sisters.
We hung out in the space needle
but not before saying goodbye to the ocean.
I almost forgot how adorable everyone thought Neil and I were.
Especially Neil's sisters. They couldn't stop "raving" about getting
to watch us hug and cuddle and snuggle. Lucky them.


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  1. this is my favorite post on your blog. thanks miss kt alaska looks like it is now a much better place with you cruising through it :) but seriously looks like you had a fabulous time. and i am loving your hair! looks grand