Thursday, May 19, 2011

Canyon People. And new stylish house decor.

I'm back from my recent trip to southern Utah to do South Maidenwater Canyon and a Leprechaun Canyon.

While not as near death-y as last time, I was pretty excited about how the trip turned out. The canyons were awesome. And the people I got to go with rocked. Even more awesome? The people we met. While it's best that I don't blog about most of them, just know: I met some interesting people. 

Here is the whole awkward clan in Leprechaun Canyon. 
And here is the whole awkward gang in Maidenwater.

Thanks for all the planning and thought you put into this trip, Neil. You're a cutie. And thanks guys! You're...cute too?


This is big you guys. (False) Meo and I have been working out our decorating differences. I think we came up with a nice compromise. 

Cats. Because, in Meo's world, you can't go wrong with cats. While I don't TOTALLY agree... I went with it to prove to my little crafty housewife friends out there that THEIR HOUSE IS NO BETTER THAN MINE. Whew. Had to get that off my chest. 

Take that everyone. You'll be clawing (pun) to get your hands on cat paintings soon enough. 
Yes yes. The rest of the house has some vintage flair and classy women.
BUT don't mind that.
Cats go with everything...

Can you tell who made which one?

I know. It's hard.

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  1. oh my gosh i love your cat photo. this could be a trend. cat photos by kt i would totally buy one.