Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Trans-Zions Trekkin'

Last week I went backpacking through ZIONS! Camped out 4 Nights. Hiked 3 days and 40.8 miles.  Awww yeeeaaaaa...... who's tough now? I have the greatest KEEN tan line, which I am so proud ofMy pack was probably the lightest but only because I'm a great packer... or rather I depend on other people to supply my deodorant, toothpaste and other hygiene products. ; ) Most amazing trip EVER! Here are some pic's.

Just waiting for that flash flood to get here. Annnyyyy second.

Hey look. I found Kolob Arch.

Just the average foot picture featuring Deady the Deer.

Hey look! It's the brightly female portion of our trekkers. 

Neutral tones: home sliced male crew.

Meh. Average view.

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